When you are trying to push the idea of what modern can be, it pays to seek out designers who are challenging themselves to do the same. We consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate to have found those collaborators. Nationally known for stunning modern design, attention to detail, materials and space, we would like to introduce you to the architects who have helped make our modern dreams come true.

MARS, Mayfield and Ragni Studio, is an architectural design studio founded by a group of highly experienced, award-winning individuals who have come together after distinguished careers in some of the country’s leading private practices to form a creative design culture for phase 3 of The Art Colony. They offer a unique breadth of diverse knowledge and a passion for collaboration that has been the catalyst for innovative and memorable spaces around the world. 


Dreamscapes Modern is looking for like minded partners for joint ventures. If you have land and/or investment capital and want to design and build unique, high value cutting edge modern residences, then contact us today.